Past Award Papers
Year Authors Paper Title
2020 Yihan Li, Xin Liu, Vesa Pursiainen Analyst Incentives and Stock Return Synchronicity: Evidence from MiFID II
Bart Zhou Yueshen What Is in High-Frequency Price Pressure?
Xiaoyang Li, Wenying Yao Do market-wide circuit breakers calm markets or panic them? Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic
Georg Cejnek, Florian Mair Understanding Volatility-Managed Portfolios
2019 Jos van Bommel, Matthijs Lof Asymmetric Information and the Distribution of Trading Volume
KHALADDIN RZAYEV, GBENGA IBIKUNLE, TOM STEFFEN Need for speed? International transmission latency, liquidity and volatility
Kotaro Miwa The Inforamtional Role of Analysts' Qualitative Research Outputs
Gelly Fu Coordinated Betting by Multi-Fund Managers
G. Nathan Dong, Ming Gu, Weiwei Huang, K.C. John Wei Margin Trading and Corporate Investments: Evidence from a Quasi-natural Experiment in China
2018 Po-Hsuan Hsu, Zhenyu Gao, Sahn-Wook Huh Technology Competition and Informed Trading: Evidence from Weekly Patent Announcements
Weiming (Elaine) Zhang, Jie (Jay) Cao, Sheridan Titman, Xintong (Eunice) Zhan ESG Preference and Market Efficiency: Evidence from Mispricing and Institutional Trading
Chyng Wen Tee, Poh Ling Neo Managing Swaption Portfolio Risk under Different Interest Rate Regimes
K.C. John Wei, Frank Weikai Li, Li Guo Security Analysts and Capital Market Anomalies
2017 Ruben Cox, Peter de Goeij What Do Investors Learn from Advertisements?
Y. Han (Andy) Kim, Shinichi Kamiya, Soohyun Park The Face of Risk: CEO Facial Masculinity and Firm Risk
Shenghao Gao, Xiaoke Cheng, Kam C. Chan, Mingjing Yang Are seasoned equity offering investors misled by analyst optimism bias? Evidence from investor bids in SEO auctions
Linlin Ye Understanding the Impacts of Dark Pools on Price Discovery
Lin William Cong, Zhiguo He Blockchain Disruption and Smart Contracts
2016 Chuan-Yang Hwang, Kit Pong Won, Long Yi Why Do High Dispersion Stocks Earn Low Returns? Evidence from Institutional Ownership
Shenghao Gao, Qingbin Meng, Kam C. Chan, Weixing Wu Earnings management before IPOs: Are institutional investors misled?
Eric F.Y.C Lam, Chishen Wei, K.C. John Wei Dissecting Arbitrage Costs
Eric F.Y.C Lam, Chishen Wei, K.C. John Wei Is the Stock Market Just a Side Show? Evidence from Venture Capital
CARL HSIN-HAN SHEN, HAO ZHANG Do CEO Inside Debt Holdings Influence the Cost of Equity Capital?
2015 Kenny Phua, Mandy Tham, Chishen Wei °»Are Overconfident CEOs Good Leaders? Evidence from Stakeholder Commitments°…
Clark Liu, Shujing Wang, K.C. John Wei °»Portfolio Constraints and Asset Prices: Evidence from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program°…
Te-Feng Chen, Chishen Wei, K.C. John Wei °»Learning about Profitability Growth and Expected Stock Returns°…
Wan-Chien Chiu, Juan Ignacio PeŹę–a, Chih-Wei Wang °»The Effect of Rollover Risk on Default Risk: Evidence from Bank Financing°…
2014 Yen-Cheng Chang, Harrison Hong, Larissa Tiedens, Na Wang, Bin Zhao Does Diversity Lead to Diverse Opinions? Evidence from Languages and Stock Markets
Si Li, Xintong Zhan Product Market Threats and Stock Crash Risk
Te-Feng Chen, San-Lin Chung, K.C. John Wei A Model-Free CAPM with High Order Risks
Chang Yuanchen, Liu Wenchien, Sandy Suardi, Wu Weishao Informed High Frequency Trading with Advance Peek on Index of Consumer Sentiment
Kobana Abukari and Isaac Otchere Merging Corporatized Financial Markets
Yu-Jen Hsiao and Yi-Wen Tseng Bank Capital Regulation and Dividend Policy
2013 Chuan Yang Hwang, Tom George, Chuan Yang Hwang, Yuan Li Anchoring, the 52 Week High and Post Earnings Announcement Drift
Miao Ben Zhang, Miao Ben Zhang, Selale Tuzel Local Risk, Local Factors, and Asset Prices
Shujing Wang, Shujing Wang,K.C. John Wei Time-varying Return Predictability of Net Stock Issues and Profitability
Tzulun Huang, Tzu-Lun Huang, Miao-Ling Chen, Hsiou-Jen Kuo, Kuan-Ling Lai How Web Search Activities and Financial Media Coverage Affect Asset Price?
Ying Huang, Thomas McInish, Ying Huang Information Contents in Trades at Steps away from BBO
2012 Marti Subrahmanyam, Dragon Yongjun Tang, Qian Wang Does the Tail Wag the Dog? The Effect of Credit Default Swaps on Credit Risk
Hendrik Bessembinder, Allen Carrion, Laura Tuttle, Kumar Venkataraman Predatory or Sunshine Trading? Evidence from Crude Oil ETF Rolls
Chen,Chang-Chih Corporate Financing under Ambiguity: A Utility-Free Multiple-Priors Approach
Andy C.W. Chui, Sheridan Titman, K.C. John Wei, Feixue Xie Explaining the Value Premium around the World: Risk or Mispricing?
Canlin Li, Min Wei Term Structure Modelling with Supply Factors and the Federal Reserve's Large Scale Asset Purchase Programs
2011 Mao-Wei Hung; Yu-Jane Liu; Chia-Fen Tsai; Ning Zhu Employer Stock Risk, Employee Income Risks, and Portfolio Choice: New Evidence from Taiwan
RUEI-SHIAN WU, HSIOU-WEI LIN Security Analysts' Incentive and Cognitive Processing Bias: Evidence from Analysts' Recommendations
Xin Chang, Chander Shekhar, Lewis H.K. Tam, Jiaquan Yao Prior Relationship, Industry Expertise, Information Leakage, and the Choice of M&A Advisor
DR. P. JOAKIM WESTERHOLM and DR. HENRY LEUNG Execution Costs Across Market Designs Worldwide and the Global Credit Crisis
2010 Shih-Chung Chang; Jason Yeh Show me the Information: Board Independence and D&O Insurance
Soojung Kima; Jungwon Suhb A J-Shaped Cross-Sectional Relation Between Dividends and Firm Value
Sheridan Titman; K.C. John Wei; Feixue Xie Access to Equity Markets, Corporate Investments and Stock Returns: International Evidence
Daniel Roesch; Harald Scheule Securitization rating performance and agency incentives
Piet Sercuy; Tom Vinaimontz Deviations from One-Share One-Vote can be Optimal: An Entrepreneur's Point of View
Ji-Chai Lin; YiLin Wu SEO Timing, the Cost of Equity Capital, and Liquidity Risk
2009 Jie Cao; Rao Fu CEO Overconfidence or Stock Mispricing and Growth? Reexamining the Effect of CEO Option Exercise Behavior on Corporate Investment
Yexiao Xu; Harold H. Zhang; Xin Zhou Understanding the Information Content of Short Interests
John Griffin; Dragon Tang Did Subjectivity Play a Role in CDO Credit Ratings?
F.Y. Eric C. LAM; K.C. John WEI External Financing, Access to Debt Markets, and Stock Returns
Hsiangping Tsai; Yuanchen Chang; Pei-Hsin Hsiao What Drive Foreign Expansion of the Top 100 Multinational Banks? The Role of Credit Reporting Systems
2008 Yi-Hsun Lai; Han-Fang Tsai; Chia-Pin Chen Do Conflicts of Interest Exist When the Lending Banks Are Also Stockholders, and How Do They Respond?
xin chang; zhihong chen; gilles hilary Market Timing and the Cost of Equity
Fangjian Fu; Leming Lin; Micah Officer Acquisitions Driven by Stock Overvaluation: Are They Good Deals?
Eric F.Y.C. Lam; K.C. John Wei Limits to Arbitrage and the Asset Growth Anomaly
Ronnie Qi; Xianming Zhou Divergent Opinions in the Pre-Issue Market and the Pricing of Initial Public Offerings
Chienwei Ho; Chi-Hsiou Hung Investor Sentiment as Conditioning Information in Asset Pricing
2007 Yuanto Kusnadi; K.C. John Wei The Determinants of Corporate Cash Management Policy:Evidence from around the World
Kee-Hong Bae; Jae-Seung Baek;  Jun-Koo Kang Do Controlling Shareholders°¶ Expropriation Incentives Derive a Link between Corporate Governance and Firm Value? Evidence from the Aftermath of Korean Financial Crisis
Warren Bailey; Jun Caia; Yan Leung Cheung; Zheng Zhang Country and Cross-Border Effects in Liquidity: An Empirical Analysis of International Equity Markets
William T. Lin; David S. Sun Are Credit Spreads Too Low or Too High? -A Hybrid Barrier Option Approach